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The Disruptive Group has huge ambitions to build new businesses in finance by combining technology and new business models. And we can only achieve this by sharing with great people!

TDG World is our diverse ecosystem of brilliant people who want to be part of the next wave of finance – whether they are technologists, marketers, finance professionals, investors, regulators or even motivated students. We are building it as we grow, so don’t expect anything formal – we just want to communicate and share ideas with great people. 

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Join TDG World: you’ll join TDG World, our main channel to keep the ecosystem informed. You’ll know about the new initiatives and projects being launched by The Disruptive Group.
Receive job offers and partnership opportunities: we need very talented people for our projects. We need to work with great companies in the ecosystem too. Register to that list if you’d like to be informed of both. 
Learn about Fintech and the future of finance: if you’re keen to learn about the future of finance, we’re keen to share! Also, our CEO writes the blog Disruptive Finance.
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: we need smart money for our projects. We also need money for other Fintech projects. This is the list to register to if you invest in Fintech. 


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