We advise CEOs and boardmembers

Digital transformation is one of the biggest challenges of large organisations in the 21st century. Most senior executives see the changes happening around them, understand the potential disruptive impacts from technology, but still find it difficult to adapt. In the same way as the invention of electricity forced whole industries to re-invent themselves, the digital world will force companies to re-think their business model. Until now, many businesses have tried to adapt by making incremental changes. But incremental changes – such as having a digital strategy – while necessary, will be insufficient. And real strategic decisions must be taken to adapt to this new world. This is therefore firmly up to the CEO and the Board to drive these changes – just consider what happened to businesses that only relied on having a “Head of Electricity” 150 years ago…

The Disruptive Group helps CEOs, board members and senior executives to navigate this new world by combining a deep insight of technology and business while understanding the specificities of large organisations as well as innovative startups.

WhoCEOs, Board Members, Senior Executives
WhatUnderstand the impact of technology on their business, to help make strategic decisions that leverage on existing strengths
HowBring an external point of view that combines strong Tech DNA with real business insight