We structure and build businesses

We have now reached a stage where technology has made exceptional progress, and new infrastructures allow projects that previously seemed impossible. A startup that used to spend millions buying Sun servers and paying for Oracle licenses can now start with almost no money and leverage the scale of Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure – and compete with multinationals. Today, any average programmer can use freely accessible libraries from Python and achieve spectacularly better results in Natural Language Processing than a teams of PhDs 10 years ago. In other words, technology has become an incredibly powerful tool – but it remains a tool, to be leveraged to build better businesses. 

We work with a tight network of similar-minded entrepreneurs, technologists, marketers and investors to build companies that heavily leverage on the new possibilities of technology and help build new business models in finance.

Whoentrepreneurs, technologists, marketers, investors and large organisations
WhatStructure and build businesses that heavily leverage on technology to build new business models
HowBuild on a network of relationships of like-minded people and organisations