Huy Nguyen Trieu
Huy Nguyen Trieu, CEO of The Disruptive Group, has been appointed Fintech Fellow at the Centre for Global Finance and Technology. The Centre for Global Finance and Technology at Imperial College Business School serves as a hub for multidisciplinary research, business education and global outreach aimed at greater understanding of the impact of technology on...
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Huy is a champion of the fintech ecosystem and advisor in this sector as he provides a fine-grained understanding on the dynamics of the financial services industry and its current technological revolution. His foresights on how technological change drives the financial sector combined with his entrepreneurial mindset and innate enthusiasm makes him an expert you can rely on.
Jonas Van Hove, Research Fellow, Centre for Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation, ETH Zurich
Huy is unique in Fintech. His in-depth knowledge of technology, regulations, product and user behavior makes his well-rounded advice priceless and always refreshing. 
Shachar Bialick, CEO, Curve
Huy never ceases to amaze me with his network, knowledge and support. He is one of the brightest minds I have encountered in the Fintech field and would highly recommend him and his recent initiative: The Disruptive Group.
Anais Raoux, Managing Director, France Fintech
Huy Nguyen Trieu has introduced the students of the Coding Academy to the fascinating world of Fintech. They loved his lectures, not only because of the insightful content, but also his contagious passion and his depth of experience. I would gladly recommend The Disruptive Group to anyone interested in innovation and finance.
Sophie Viger, Head of Coding Academy by Epitech
Huy is one of the most thoughtful people I have had the pleasure to meet in our sector. He holds the rare distinction of bridging all sides of the FinTech world, with strong technical skills and strategic insight in both traditional financial services and new startups, and knowledge of both developed and emerging markets. His energy and enthusiasm for new FinTech business models is inspiring. Most importantly, he is a down-to-earth, humble and thoroughly decent individual.
Alston Zecha, Fintech Investor, Eight Roads
Huy is a global thought leader in disruption and innovation. He has shared his invaluable expertise and guidance for years and many people are looking forward to the launch of The Disruptive Group.
Susanne Chishti, CEO, Fintech Circle. Chairman, Fintech Circle Innovate. Co-editor, The Fintech Book
Huy Nguyen Trieu is one of the leaders of the rapidly evolving FinTech space.  As a former banker, FinTech executive, writer, and entrepreneur he has broad insights into the opportunities and challenges facing FinTech and its users.  He has been our guide at Oxford to navigating this space and we have benefitted greatly from his counsel.
Professor Peter Tufano, Dean, Oxford University's Said Business School
Huy is one of the most provocative and unconventional thought leaders in FinTech space. His fundamental understanding of emerging disruptive trends in financial services industry along with insightful practical experience, made him one of the best speakers at FINNOVASIA.
Anthony Sar, CEO & Co-founder, Finnovasia
Huy built very early on a deep experience of disruption as an entrepreneur in the late 90’s and has been one of the best CEOs I have ever worked with. The finance skills he then developed put him in a unique position to embrace the next disruption cycle. He combines a relentless curiosity with unprecedented analytical skills and a rare ability to share and convey his insights into delivery.
Philippe Dewost, former Ukibi VP Bus Dev. Wanadoo Co-founder. CEO Imsense (acquired by Apple). Co-lead of LaBChain at Caisse Des Dépôts
Huy Nguyen Trieu has a very deep understanding of the current trends impacting the finance industry. There is no doubt his new initiatives at The Disruptive Group will lead the way to help us redesign this new world.
Jean-Pierre Mustier, CEO, Unicredit
Disruption is the name of the game today and without a guide, a compass, and a guru you will be completely lost. The Disruptive Group has both the good sense and technical savvy to get you literally – from here to there, i.e., into the future.
Dr Ted Roosevelt Malloch, CEO, Roosevelt Global Fiduciary Governance Ltd. Professor and Senior Fellow, Oxford University
We welcomed Huy for the first time at ICT Spring in 2016, and he rocks! His professionalism, industry knowledge and human skills were greatly appreciated by the audience, and we are looking forward to welcoming him again.
Kamel Amroune, Co-founder, ICT Spring
I had the chance to be mentored and advised by Huy when I built my businesses. He is one of the most important assets I have to keep growing Fintech HK and SuperCharger – and I’m sure any organisation that works with The Disruptive Group would equally benefit from this unique insight
Janos Barberis, CEO, Fintech HK. CEO, Asian Supercharger. Co-editor, The Fintech Book
At Early Metrics, we were impressed by Huy’s wealth of experience. He immediately identified the key points and success factors for Early Metrics, and advised us on our global roll out strategy. His insights in the banking industry were priceless for our marketing plan in Europe and London.
Antoine Baschiera, CEO, Early Metrics
Huy has been a wonderful inspiration in the time I have known him. His passion, extensive knowledge across the FinTech landscape and pragmatic business approach makes for a compelling mix for any business leader who is wanting to progress with success. In addition he has deep roots into academia and brings all the worldly experience of working in financial institutions. I certainly believe he is both an asset to a boardroom as well as to a startup or growth company in FInTech.
Nicole Anderson, CEO, Fintech Circle Innovate