Halfway through “Around Fintech in 80 days”

Around Fintech in 80 days is a Fintech mentoring experience between The Disruptive Group’s CEO & Fintech influencer Huy Nguyen Trieu and TDG’ first junior and young entrepreneur Nicolas Tonnard. Their challenge is to draw an overview of Fintech in 80 days with 3 discussions a week.
The discussions are broadcasted live on facebook and posted in the dedicated page 3 times a week.

Here is what we learnt from the first 40 days:
Hundreds of people are following Around Fintech in 80 days
– A lot of questions, comments and discussions, but many of them happening offline, and not online!
A lot of themes were covered: Definition of Fintech and the ecosystem, the main technologies involved, a focus on education in finance, the roles of the Amazons and Alibabas, banks and Fintech working together, etc.
– And very importantly, the knowledge of Nicolas in Fintech has skyrocketed !

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Below are the first 40 days of Around Fintech in 80 days. The next ones will be here

Week 1 was about a definition of Fintech with its ecosystem, characteristics and trends
1) A definition of Fintech and the ecosystem



2) Finance 2.0 and importance of Ethics


3) 2017 Trends in Fintech


Week 2 was about the “Tech” side of Fintech and how it is at the core of Finance 2.0

1) Who controls technology controls the world


2) Artificial Intelligence and how it is (or should be) used in Finance


3) Fintech vs. Techfin or the need to have technology at the heart of Finance 2.0


Week 3 was about Education and how students and Finance professional should prepare themselves to Finance 2.0

1) Different paths to enter Finance 2.0 and its new opportunities


2) Learning Fintech is a personal and proactive journey for now


3) Hot skills in Fintech for 2017 and afterwards


Week 4 was about the strategies of collaboration between Fintech startups & Incumbents

1) Different waves of Fintech pushing towards “coopetition”


2) Challenges in the collaboration between a startup and an Incumbent


3) Buy, build or partner ?


Week 5 was highlighting the specifics of investing in Fintech

1) Goldman Sachs as an example of strategy in Fintech


2) From Exuberance to Maturity: Fintech bubbling


3) Opportunities in Fintech are greater than ever


Week 6 was covering and explaining how “Outsiders” like GAFA & Alibaba are redefining Finance.

1) Alibaba and its successful initiatives in Finance


2) GAFA redefining the value chain of Finance


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